Friday, October 24, 2008


i don't have a lot to say (i know, it's amazing, ha) but i did want to share my new website with you all. go HERE  and spread the apron word peeps  :)

have a wonderful weekend!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

here's the dealio

hey blogger friends,
soooo....i have made a ton of aprons and i seriously want to share them with you all. but times have been crazy lately. i just finished the 27th apron to take to the bazaar and yesterday and today i completed two orders for full aprons. i actually had made 30 for the bazaar but a sweet friend bought three of them :) 

in between sewing, singing at church, attending fc dallas games, reading for book club, going to choir practice, and working full time, (ha!) i just have not had a second to take pics of each apron and post a blog on each one. :( i'm sorry to let you down like that. 

but the exciting part of this blog is to tell you that yesterday jenny from jenny leigh photography did a second photo shoot with my aprons. we got a pic of each apron in front of that sweet blue door (like in the pic above). which means as soon as i get those pics back from her, i will put them on my website and then, ohmygoodness, i will send out my new website's link!!! i am pumped about this, and i made it by myself too. it's definitely been a work in progress but it's almost ready to be seen by the public.  after the church bazaar this upcoming weekend, i'll post the aprons that didn't sell on my etsy site, get the pics on my new website, and then BAM! the site will be ready and you're going to get a mass email with the announcement. ha. so there's the let's just see if it goes how i want. :)


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

checking in

sorry friends, i have been swamped with things lately. all good things of course ;)

here is a pic that jenny from jenny leigh photography took of me with my creations. wow. she is so very talented. more pics will be on my website which is almost done. i cannot wait to show you that, but i have to be patient and make sure it's all how i want it before i send out a mass email  :) if you want to be on that email, click on "comments" below this blog and leave me your email. get ready to rumble. ha.

countdown for Bear Creek United Methodist Church bazaar (oct 18th): 11 days!!!


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