Tuesday, October 7, 2008

checking in

sorry friends, i have been swamped with things lately. all good things of course ;)

here is a pic that jenny from jenny leigh photography took of me with my creations. wow. she is so very talented. more pics will be on my website which is almost done. i cannot wait to show you that, but i have to be patient and make sure it's all how i want it before i send out a mass email  :) if you want to be on that email, click on "comments" below this blog and leave me your email. get ready to rumble. ha.

countdown for Bear Creek United Methodist Church bazaar (oct 18th): 11 days!!!



Kimberly said...

You're such a celebrity! I can't wait to see the site and of course you better let me know when it's up. See ya tonight chica!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't know that you have a heart for missions!! That's one of my passions too! I work with inner city children on Saturday mornings in North Dallas! What's really cool is that half of our kids are African survivors from the war and have so many stories to tell especially from Sudan and Kenya.

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