Thursday, July 31, 2008

it had to be lou...

this one is just plain sweet. i made it for a coworker's mom, and i hope she likes it!

buttons on the waistband...i have discovered i'm a real button fan! they're on every single apron i make :)
little bit o' lace for the lou
lou's backside...every pic i take from the back is blurry, not sure why....
check out my shop:
have a WONDERFUL day!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

bcumc bazaar

soooo (must twirl hair and say it like kristin wiig on snl), i think my mom and i have decided that i am getting a booth at our church bazaar (in houston) and selling my aprons!!!! i'm a tad worried they won't sell...i mean, i like them, and my friends seem to like them, but...will random strangers wandering around at a church bazaar like them? i hope so :)

my plan: fulfill the orders that i have so far, and then start on a collection for the bazaar in october. that SEAMS far away, but it's not in apron world. lol...please keep me in your prayers as i prepare for this. i know it will be fun. and hopefully will raise some money/awareness for attitudes & attire.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

jive on giselle

the giselle
*i love this awesome yellow has chandeliers all over it!

two rows of satin brown ribbon
sweet buttons
pretty little bow

i'm proud of this one...she's pretty darn cool.

Friday, July 25, 2008

how swell estelle

oh how i love thee...

four buttons are sewn are the second tier...very very sneakily...
who doesn't love lace?

buttons finishing off the ribbon around the waist

haute leopard ribbon to throw a funky twist on estelle

this girl may be sold! but if you like her, i have more of the same fabric and can design something for ya!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

a sneak peak and sara's debut...

sneak peek of estelle...
see any buttons on there? it's like where's waldo...

the sara, baby apron

i'm all about doing custom orders, so convo me on etsy or leave a comment on my blog and let me know what you're thinking...


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

meet florence

i heart florence...a lot. i made this one last night...constructed from a hand towel and some adorable seer sucker fabric. the colors are a rust red, cream, gray, and light yellow...i'm still amazed that both pieces of fabric look like they were made to go together! exact same colors!

a little gather with a gray you can see the birdie of course!
pretty waistband

a tad blurry, sorry...i loved this yellow ribbon, however, it is not long enough to tie in a bow. a square knot looks super cute though!

florence is for sale for $25 and remember, 20% will go to Attitudes & Attire!! i have a few people with orders for a half apron, and if you like this one, then let me know! i have enough fabric to make 2 more. if i don't hear back, florence is going to be my first etsy item! either way, i want someone to be able to wear this gal!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the rosalind

about the rosalind...
i love this shabby chic look. each tier has a seam about 1/4" from the bottom, so there will be a small amount of fraying. i wanted it like this because it just seems to go with the light, cotton fabric and the "vintagy" feel. yup, "vintagy," i made it up. ha.

finished with a wide grosgrain ribbon of pinks and browns

at the bottom there are 2 places where i gathered the fabric and finished it with a pretty little button...both gathers are about 4" from the sides

each lower corner is finished with a button too..i love me some buttons


Monday, July 21, 2008

orders! orders! place your orders :)

the Stella

the Mina

the Karsyn


Friday, July 18, 2008

who knew...

so i found this out this morning:

the acronym "CHELS" stands for Cargo Helicopter External Lift System. so from now on, if you could please refer to me as "cargo helicopter external lift system" that would be great. :)

update on baby/toddler aprons: three are in the making right now and they're looking awesome! i got some ruffles, leopard ribbon, and colorful buttons going on...only problem is my needle broke and i cannot get it changed for the life of me!! any suggs? there is a clamp that i'm supposed to turn to let out the broken needle and i cannot get that clamp to turn either way. i even got out pliers to assist me and nothin'. these aprons will be finished this weekend though so i better get me a new needle fast!



Wednesday, July 16, 2008


this has absolutely nothing to do with sewing or aprons, but i read it and laughed out loud, so i have to post it. this is from an article on msn about what your car says about are the ones for porsche and corvette (my personal fav):

Porsche (as interpreted by Corvette owner)"What a jerk. Probably a lawyer, trust-fund brat, never worked an honest day in his life. Bet he gets his nails manicured."
Corvette (as interpreted by Porsche owner)"What a jerk. Probably thinks NASCAR is real racing. He thinks 'dressing up' means a monogrammed bowling shirt."
Corvette and Porsche (as interpreted by attractive woman). "What a jerk. Probably takes Viagra. Twice divorced, mid-life crisis. Sad."

ouch. ha!

and just for laughs, here are two more:
Lexus "I don't even like cars, but since this is shopping, I'm going to spend a lot of money."
BMW "My [insert noun] is better than yours."


unfinished projects, my specialty!

first of all, i am in love with my new blog design!! thank you jennifer!! it is exactly what i had imagined for this apron journey that has taken over my a good way of course!
news flash: i'm sewing and selling aprons :) ha. some of you are laughing and thinking "that chelsea, she just can't sit still!" and you're right! i cannot. and thus the reason for this whole idea and new obsession. whatever items i make and sell, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to attitudes & attire (tm), the awesome non-profit org helping women become self-sufficient. on saturday i was able to meet about 15 women who now have jobs and are on the right track because of attitudes & was a purely amazing, god-filled day.
toddler apron, not finished. made from a terry cloth hand towel. the bottom is tucked under to make a large pocket- cute. and i think i'm going to make a flower under the rick rack out of buttons...i have buttons galore!

this is my fav so far, and it's not finished either, almost, but not quite...ha...that seems to be my pattern here. no pun intended, lol.

a work in progress...this is a dish towel i found at an antique store. i'm putting pleats in the middle and then will put the perfect ribbon as the belted tie...i have yet to find that ribbon.

sweet baby aprons (bibs) for my niece Lauren and her little sis Emily (who is not even born yet! i love her already!) ok, now these are complete! hallelujah!


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