Saturday, November 15, 2008

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

can you believe the way christmas has snuck up on us this year?! i sure can't.

while working on some orders today, i thought i'd go ahead and make two halfers out of some christmas fabric i bought...and i really like them. here is one below...
the henrietta. kind of sounds like poinsettia... :)


Sunday, November 9, 2008

i adore writing checks


long time no blog :) but since my dog woke me up this morning an hour before my alarm was going to go off, i thought, "now would be the perfect time to blog!?!" ha...

the picture above is from the bear creek united methodist church craft show. my sweet friend lizzy flew into houston to join in the fun. and it really was so much fun! we talked to so many women about aprons, attitudes & attire, and how they can join in the mission. after the bazaar, i wrote attitudes & attire their check for 20% of proceeds and it was an AMAZING feeling to sign that check. makes me want to sell these remaining aprons so that i can write them another check!! i just adore writing checks, it's my forte. ha!

so, spread the word, especially with christmas gift ideas on everyone's minds...i have 12 left on etsy and they really need to go before i do any more creating! i do have a ton of fabrics, so if you want something special, shoot me an email: . please help me in raising more money for this great organization that empowers and equips women. :)

wow, my intention wasn't to make this a sales ad but that's just where my brain goes i guess. hehe. i will post a couple apron pics later that i made for two girlfriends from high school! super cute aprons... it's so great being back in touch with old it. 


Friday, October 24, 2008


i don't have a lot to say (i know, it's amazing, ha) but i did want to share my new website with you all. go HERE  and spread the apron word peeps  :)

have a wonderful weekend!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

here's the dealio

hey blogger friends,
soooo....i have made a ton of aprons and i seriously want to share them with you all. but times have been crazy lately. i just finished the 27th apron to take to the bazaar and yesterday and today i completed two orders for full aprons. i actually had made 30 for the bazaar but a sweet friend bought three of them :) 

in between sewing, singing at church, attending fc dallas games, reading for book club, going to choir practice, and working full time, (ha!) i just have not had a second to take pics of each apron and post a blog on each one. :( i'm sorry to let you down like that. 

but the exciting part of this blog is to tell you that yesterday jenny from jenny leigh photography did a second photo shoot with my aprons. we got a pic of each apron in front of that sweet blue door (like in the pic above). which means as soon as i get those pics back from her, i will put them on my website and then, ohmygoodness, i will send out my new website's link!!! i am pumped about this, and i made it by myself too. it's definitely been a work in progress but it's almost ready to be seen by the public.  after the church bazaar this upcoming weekend, i'll post the aprons that didn't sell on my etsy site, get the pics on my new website, and then BAM! the site will be ready and you're going to get a mass email with the announcement. ha. so there's the let's just see if it goes how i want. :)


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

checking in

sorry friends, i have been swamped with things lately. all good things of course ;)

here is a pic that jenny from jenny leigh photography took of me with my creations. wow. she is so very talented. more pics will be on my website which is almost done. i cannot wait to show you that, but i have to be patient and make sure it's all how i want it before i send out a mass email  :) if you want to be on that email, click on "comments" below this blog and leave me your email. get ready to rumble. ha.

countdown for Bear Creek United Methodist Church bazaar (oct 18th): 11 days!!!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

bold beatrice

i couldn't think of a song with the name "beatrice" in it...ha
but here she is, and i like her!
great pocket...does anyone recognize this fabric? i already had one friend notice it right off the bat...hmm...i'm definitely a recycler :)
clean back side


Friday, September 26, 2008

ruby dooby doo

ha, that title made me laugh. 
this lady is sold :) 
but i wanted to show her off bc i made her from valences and a pillow sham...

country chic y'all


come away with me, nora

the nora, a toile delight

quite pretty


lovely rita meter maid

where would i be without you? give me a wink, and make me think of you :)
gotta love the beatles...
stellar pocket
touch o' fun


emma laura

quite a special little apron right here :)
pocket is actually a hankie from Jakarta
back side


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


i'm in a bit of a conundrum. my work computer is blocked from blogs, ouch. ha. granted, the personal blog-world is in no way related to accounting, so i can understand. however, i have this little cable thing that connects my camera to my work computer and it does not work at my home computer. any ideas on what "cable thinger" i can use for my mac? i think i'm going to have to schedule a one on one training for this at apple i think. i can always go old-school and save my pics on my way computer, transfer them to my jump drive (that's what i call it, do people still call it that? i learned that term in like 03 or 04 so it could def be called something else by now), and then bring my jump drive home and save the pics on my mac. idea. i might do that today though, just for now, because i've been a sewing machine again and i have to show you these chaprons! lol, i mean aprons :)

i'll just keep you in suspense for now while you await some groovy apron pics...loves!


Friday, September 19, 2008

verda love

the phrase "verda love" is quite a play on words if i ever saw one...i do have love for the apron verda, but also my great grandmother's name was "Verda Love." what a sweet, sweet name. she wouldn't want me telling you all this either, but her middle name was Alree, Verda Alree Love. so pretty.

this apron is made of a crisp linen table runner, it was so hard to cut in half! i'd venture to say it's from the 60s and it's gorgeous!!
sweet little ribbons tie it around you, one thicker one and one thin one, pretty stinkin' feminine!
LOVE it!


Monday, September 15, 2008

did you miss me?

so...i greatly apologize for my lack of blogging, but a ton of stuff has been happening. bible study started on monday nights, choir started on wednesday nights, i'm in a book club with a book due this thursday and i bought it over the weekend (yikes), and a hurricane happened (my fam lives in houston so all weekend i was on the phone getting updates and damage reports)...and my camera decided to die on me. so while i have been a sewing machine, haha, i have no proof to show you on this blog. stay tuned...i borrowed a friend's camera and some should be up tonight or tomorrow :)


Monday, September 8, 2008

waltzing matilda

waltzing matilda, waltzing matilda, who'll come a waltzing matilda with me?
remember that song? haha love it.
well this is matilda. and ironically, she's very good at waltzing.
made of fabric circa 1970, she's groovy, baby.
but then a touch of lace adds the charm.
polka dot waistband with a wooden button.
a sweet gathered pocket, i love the contrast in fabrics here.
back...l-o-v-e it.


poppin' penelope

pop it like it's hot, penelope...
this one is funky, unique, and has some great color combos going on :)
close up of waistband and complimenting fabrics
pocket... the geometric shape of it vibes with the octagonal shape going on.
penelope's behind

lovin' loretta

this girl is simple, sweet, and soft
up close: hand-stitched and hand-crocheted doilie...
i found this at an antique store the other weekend.
sometimes you have to look long and hard but you can stumble upon that "perfect find."

back :)


Friday, September 5, 2008


my beautiful models...
this is my sister Chevonne and her 2 year old Lauren (she got a little half apron made of yellow tulle and then ribbon like her mommy's)...three week old Emily does not have an apron yet, but i'm sure one will be created shortly!

the Cady and Kimmy team!! these two gals are just plain crazy, however, they sure do model their matching aprons well! **thank you for sending pics, girls!**
it is really a special feeling when you see people enjoying your creations. that is cheesy, i know, but i work so hard on each of my aprons and then it's all worth it when people love them.
deep thoughts, by jack handy.

awestruck by Olive

it's hard to see olive's awesomeness through pictures, but i'll attempt.
the fabric is greens and grays with a floral print. it's a light cotton and because of all the gathers, she's a very full-bodied gal, if you know what i mean ;)

one rad pocket...stitched in contrast lime green thread, this has a very raw and vintage feel.
quite possibly my fav designed pocket yet waistband, a pretty sherbert green grosgrain
back side


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