Monday, June 30, 2008

sew happy

i'm the new owner of a singer 2250 portable sewing machine!!! i have decided to dust myself off and try again...i clearly remember the teddy bear i sewed in junior high. i did the darts the wrong way for it's eyes, so they were sunken way into his head and he looked very...wrong. but i used to sew a lot...seasonal pillows (poor mom had to put them out every christmas, ha). well maybe not a lot because all i can remember is that wrong teddy bear and lots of christmas pillows. but i enjoyed it, i know that. sew i decided to sew again...hardy har har. i made a quick stop at joann fabric and craft store and bought 3 different fabrics that were on sale (since my "dusting off" process will take a few tries for sure) and some other fun accessories. heehee.

here i go, swatch me SEW! (you're going to get very tired of my clever sewing phrases, i can already tell). i just feel sew liberated...(i stole that from a website, i won't lie).

Friday, June 27, 2008

sweet jesus

so i definitely have something cool to share with you this morning. you know that toolbox class i started this past monday that i love? well, part of our "homework" was to start a daily prayer time/quiet time with the lord...i have chosen to start mine in the morning, like most others. this is the time that is still quiet for me and my brain isn't racing yet. once the day starts and things begin rolling, it's hard for me to focus. and this way, i feel like i'm just starting my day off in the best way possible. reading scripture, praying, listening, and journaling what i'm thinking/feeling really brings a peace to my heart and kind of sets the tone for the day. i'm in love with this morning time, and i hope to do it daily for the rest of my life. i mean that.

but the very cool thing that i wanted to share was how i'm waking up. the night before my first "early" morning (which is only about 20-30 minutes earlier, but that is precious time when you're talking 6 am!), i set my alarm and was kind of excited about this new adventure. i prayed that i would awake refreshed, energized and ready to start this thing that i hoped would turn into a daily habit. but not like a habit that you do carelessly and effortlessly just because you do it daily, but a special habit that i enjoy day after day. so this was my prayer.

my alarm went off at 5:45 am, and i have never felt so ready to wake up and go meet with the Lord. that is what my heart was feeling was this urgency and excitedness to get out of bed so that i could join the lord in conversation. and the minute that my eyes opened, a song was playing in my head, loud and clear. and i felt a nudge; a nudge to get up and go meet with the Creator of the universe. no lie. and this exact thing has happened every morning since.

the first morning was tuesday, and i arose singing "jesus you have called us, freely we've received, now freely we must give. we must go, live to feed the hungry, stand beside the broken, we must go. stepping forward keep us from just singing, move us into action, we must go."

wednesday, was "open the eyes of my heart lord, open the eyes of my heart, i want to see you, yes i want to see you."

thursday was the same song as tuesday "god of justice"- the message is so powerful and just makes me want to go...go feed the hungry, go stand with the broken...i love those lyrics.

and today was "praise to the Lord, O let all that is in me adore him! all that hath life and breath, come now with praises before him. let the amen sound from His people again, gladly for aye we adore Him."

what a sweet jesus we have that he wants to wake me each morning with a song on my tongue and joy in my heart.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

keep 'em coming

pretty rad update:
i received SEVEN more women's business suits, 2 blazers, and 4 nice blouses...
i thought i was done with the suit collecting thing but God has other plans it seems :)
so, if you never had time to clean out your closets or sift through older/not-fitting-anymore kind of clothes, looks like you still have time :)
praises to him...
Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul. --Psalm 143:8

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

mexico or bust!

just got the OK from the boss october, i am headed to mexico on the mission trip with buckner! and lizzy is coming too!!! we'll spend thursday through sunday loving and hugging on orphans...

could this day get any better? why, yes, yes it could. just got off the phone with darcy and we're having dinner tonight at the new Jake's Burgers by my place. sweetness people.

for more info about buckner international, click here .

we're blessed, let's get out there and go bless others!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i heart toolbox

Last night was my first night of my "toolbox" class called "drawing near to God through prayer." i know i am going to love it. i already do. i won't go over everything we discussed, although it's tempting because it was all soooo good. but here are a few things we covered that stuck with me:

1. we read an article that Rick Warren had written (condensed from his book Dynamic Bible Study Methods) about how to have meaningful time with God...and this hit me hard:

"Remember that you are meeting with the Creator, the Maker of heaven and earth, the Redeemer of Men." wow. he's totally right...puts quite a spin on just praying to God, huh?

2. in groups we listed different attributes of God...this was fun. after naming off about thirty, you see in writing (your writing), that man, we have an awesome God! a few we listed are: loving, caring, comforter, creator, jealous (for you), merciful, forgiving, omnipotent, omniscient...the list goes on and on. but when i reread my list last night, i remembered that He is the only one with all these characteristics. no person on earth could ever have all these attributes, only our precious God. aaahhhh.

3. "Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting." Psalm 139:23-24

Saturday, June 21, 2008

arrested development

sweet! looks like i figured out how to embed a video...heehee...and this is a really good video too. double whammy.

Friday, June 20, 2008


i just ran across this picture of our callie girl who passed away february 18th.

darcy had to put her beagle hillary to sleep yesterday, and seeing darcy's pain brings back tough memories. hillary was suffering from kidney failure. :( i'm grateful that she's no longer in pain, but man, that's hard.

pets are just such a special part of our lives and families. you can't really explain that bond, but there is nothing else like it. keep darcy and her husband matt in your prayers please as they endure this trial.

stinky brother

i have been anxiously following the story on 6 year old Jessie Hall who had hemispherectory (removal of half of her brain) due to a disease called Rasumussen's Encephalitis...she is doing great and even cracking jokes. i loved this news article, it was written so sweetly...

praise God for this little girl's life, her recovery, her impact, her enduring family...our God is an awesome God.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

dadfest- june 21

want to volunteer at the dadfest 5k run at texas stadium this saturday? email Lewis George at

warning: we have to be there at 6:30 am so roll out of bed with enough time to grab starbucks :)


hope this gets a giggle outta ya...happy thursday! i was playing with "pages" last night and this is what happened...
i know you can't read it bc it's so small, but click on it and you'll see my huge face appear with my huge orange goggles. oh i can't believe i'm posting this but i did it for my mom :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

blah blah blog

i didn't know what to title it, but this blog is full of randomness...

first off, a great article with 10 tips on how to stay cool and fit this summer...

next, i am 90% sure i'm headed to el paso on a mission trip this fall. i could not be more excited to join the Buckner team and deliver shoes and hugs to children in orphanages in el paso and mexico. and best yet, lizzy might be joining! if anyone else is interested contact me! it's october 22nd-26th (that's a wednesday to sunday). click here to learn more...

also, keep my bro-in-law in your prayers as he just got to minne-sooo-ta (tried to spell it phonetically but that didn't work too well) will be a long job and my sister is scheduled to have her baby on august 15th. please don't come early emily!!

and last but surely not least, i am loving kristin wiig on is something that will make you laugh!

now, can anyone tell me how to make that video appear on my blog, instead of having to post the link to it? ha...i'm such a newbie at blogging...

have a great day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


b-e-a-utiful banner!

suit drive cake!

made by lucky lucie designs

and the darling dog jumps in the fountain

adding to the rack

kimmy digging into the donated pizzas from PASTAZIO'S

the gang

l-r: me, katie, cady (in front), shonda, darcy, kimberly, suzy

suzy wondering where my table went

where will i sleep?

showing off some beautiful pink suits


clothes taking over my apartment

celebratory dinner at Tirelli's

l-r: kimberly, crystal, darcy, me, mom, lizzy, suzy

Sunday, June 15, 2008

true methodist...

i guess i'm a true methodist bc i'm all about the numbers! ha...

so here are the results of a successful suit drive:
suits (blazer and skirt/pant set): 84
blazers: 27
skirts: 30
dresses: 15
handbags: 15
for a grand total of 248 usable items!!! (there were even more items donated but some were deemed "non-business related" and are not in the 248 total).
thank you, thank you, thank you to every single person who helped, encouraged, donated, supported, worked, labored, toiled, made cakes, had pizza donated for lunch...i could go on and was a blast and a true blessing. my apartment is stuffed to the brim with clothes...sort of smellin like a goodwill store over here. ha! here's a pic but there will be many, many more pics posted tonight when my momma sends me some from her camera. i'm pointing to the 50 suits on one rack, the rest are laying on my couch, ha! i think coco is mad at the clothes everywhere, they're taking over her lounging spots...she spent most of yesterday under my bed...pouting.

Friday, June 13, 2008

tomorrow, tomorrow, i love ya tomorrow! you're only a day away!

hokay, so here we are, one day away and things are really picking up!

lizzy got in town last night... my sweet, little coworker laura van horn has collected some suits and is bringing them up to work today...another sweet, little coworker lucie brought me a ______ for me to surprise my friends with tomorrow at the suit drive (it's a secret, hence the blank, ha)...katie collected suits from one of her mom will be here this evening...and then the party starts tomorrow at 10am.

i'm quite excited.

i also just got a hit counter thing for my blog today, it's at the bottom. i'm a little bummed i didn't know how to do it when i first started the blog. it says 8 people have come to my blog, ha! more like 8,000...kidding! i'm not that popular :)

and tonight lizzy, her mom ronda, me, and my mom are all going to dinner, yay! our moms have never met, so this is a blast just waiting to happen.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

mission suit drive= 2 days away!

yes, i know, i can't believe it either! the suit drive is only TWO days away! and i've got some last minute things to do still :)

planning this drive has opened my eyes...while we humans have our flaws, we want to do good. it's like people might not know the hows or wheres to giving generously but when you put something in front of them that enables them to give back, they take it and run. in the right direction, too. so many people have already contributed to this drive- we have collected 32 suits (full suits, blazer and pants/skirt set), 8 business skirts, 10 blouses, 4 slacks, 4 dresses, 4 handbags. and the drive hasn't happened. and people that didn't necessarily contribute a suit want to help too. we have 4 restaurants that are giving coupons to all the people that donate and a jewelry store ( that is giving a 5% discount if you donate to the suit drive. and then there's all the people that have given their time, energy, thoughts, etc to make this suit drive's truly amazing how so many want to be a part of something good. and this is good. :)

it might be that this drive has given some of you a chance to rid your closet of the old so that you may purchase some new. or it may be that some of you have been in the same position as the women who have been helped by Attitudes & Attire (tm), and you know how these women feel and what they need. and then others caught the giving bug and just want to give, give, give because it just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. whatever the reason, we all deep down inside want to help others and to do good things. i like this. we don't always do good things, and we have moments of greediness and an un-giving spirit, but innately, i think we really do want to help. we are wonderfully and fearfully made and i praise our god for this.

if that don't make ya feel great, i just don't know what will.

catch the giving bug too and head on over to the SUIT DRIVE on SATURDAY!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

special prayer

heavenly father, take extra special care of sweet jessie hall today as she undergoes a major surgery that will remove half of her brain. father god we know you're the healer...heal jessie and her brain disease. bless the doctors today and make steady their hands. prayers for her family as they patiently wait for the surgery to be completed lord, i pray that they find peace and comfort in you through all of this. may jessie be a light to the world. please keep her safe. it's for your son's reputation father, amen.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

4 more days... has our sweet, littly flyer up on their website :)

check it out and spread the word.


Monday, June 9, 2008

5 mo' days

omg, only five more days until the drive-o-rama is here ;) gosh, then i'll really have to come up with things to blog about. the suit drive has been my life for the past month. hmmm....

also, my friend lucie makes incredible cakes and just got her website up and running...

way way cool. and yummy too.

that's all for today, hopefully more lazers...

Thursday, June 5, 2008


so in my spare time, i browse the internet, particularly clothing websites, and more particularly nordstrom. i should not do this. it only makes me want things. and i know i do not need anything. ok, except maybe some colored heels to go with this new yellow silk dress i got. ok, ok, that, too, would be classified as a want. just think of the amount of money we spend on things...i need to digress for a second. look at this dress i just found (on the left). so cute, so summery, SO expensive. it was $795 and is on sale for the low price of $469. w?! $469 is not a sale people!!

back to my point, yes, i have a point. instead of looking at websites that honor earthly things, what about looking up sites of non-profit organizations, churches, your community's calendar (which probably offers some kind of volunteer opps)? we need to build up our treasure for heaven, being kingdom-focused, and honor our God, not the world. we discussed this in depth this past semester in IBC's women's bible study. which btw, i miss greatly. i kind of feel a little empty and lost without that weekly community of women studying God's word. there's just nothing like it. any good suggs for a summer bible study? IBC offers ToolBox classes too, maybe i could look into one of those. actually, now that i journey to IBC's website and read about ToolBox, this seems like a very good idea. ok, back to my "point," (ha, as i type, my point is lessening and becoming a little preachy). back to bible study...we had a chart and we wrote down how and where we spend our money. i know most of you think my big, chunk of mula is thrown down on clothes (not because i'm the best dressed, but because i really do shop a's called retail therapy). but it's not. my dough is spent on food, food, and more food. or it was at the time. since then i have started packing my lunch almost every day of the week. i splurge on wednesdays because that is subway's special for the turkey-to-die-for-sandwich (after tax, it's only $3.02). now that is a deal. actually, i have blogged about that sandwich before, ha. see, i love food. but i also love giving and helping and trying to live more generously. so i sacrifice a tad on the food area of my life. i get all my veggies and nutrients, don't be worried, but i don't eat out and spend a ridiculous $2 on iced tea. that is like the cheapest drink to make and they totally rip you off on tea!! and i do still meet friends for dinner once or twice a week. but i think i have the "saving money of food expenses" part pretty under control.
the next chunk is shopping, this my friends, is where i DO need help :) it's just what i do when i'm bored (online shopping- aaahhh!) or when i've had a bad day. you cannot tell me that new pink pumps don't turn your frown upside down. they do. but just for a short bit.
if you have time, jot down where your monthly income gets, food, necessary stuff (toilet paper, household cleaner stuff, etc- let me advise, do NOT try to go without toilet paper, let me repeat, do NOT try to go without toilet paper! that is not the point of my rambling blog :) ), tithing, medicine, etc. just check out where your money goes...because where it is, shows where your heart is too. ooh that sounded a lot like luke 12:34 "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
i guess my "point" is, let's use our time and our money better. i have really tried to visit different Dallas-area non profits' websites lately and read about the situations at hand and what they're doing about it. and how we can make a difference.
less and more:
* (not a dallas one, but a great one)
there are a ton more. try it for a puts your heart in a different place, sets your priorities straight, and even helps you distinguish between wants and needs. chelsea needs that reminder :)
**we're blessed, let's go bless others**

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

we have made the KLTY website

scroll down and look for "women's suit drive."


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